AOYAMA Collection

AOYAMA Collection

Designed by Naoto Fukasawa exclusively for ACTUS. 


where cosiness meets nature as we dress up your intimate part of häuse

Bedroom Chairs

Bedroom Desks



Our journey to discover more beds, chairs and tables continues. In this category, we put together a well-curated bed collection of various sizes, wood options and designs. The beds are here to create a sleep-easy moment for you. 

Coffee Tables


access our in-häuse guide to elevate your wine and dine experience

Dining Chairs

Dining Tables

European Collection

Exclusive and functional lifestyle items from Europe
FB Collection

FB Collection



The HWF uses oak for the frame and walnut and ash for the dining table. We allow you to enjoy the presence & ageing of the various wood selected. In addition, this collection includes chest side table that can be placed next to a bed or sofa, which is popular in the vintage market.

Häuse Accessories

Häuse accessories that are essential, stylish and functional for your daily living.

Häuse Collaborations

We curate lifestyle products that suit your preferences, made by brands we partnered with and showcase exclusive collaborations by ACTUS and atomi. We travel globally to procure, network extensively to develop partnerships and keep an open mind for new innovations.

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Japan Made | Häuse Premium

The two dots in Häuse signify "a"tomi and "A"CTUS, which represents the Japanese connection between them. ACTUS häuse is the barometer of Japan Made furniture at the heart of our collaboration, from MOKU to AOYAMA.


Kids Bed

Kids Beds

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