Customizable BUILD sofa series might suit your lifestyle

How do you choose a sofa? There are many factors, such as room size, number of family members, interior design, materials, and colors, that may cause some people to feel uneasy. In this column, we would like to introduce you to BUILD, a fabric sofa that can be customized to fit your lifestyle and fulfill your ideal needs.

1. A wide variety of designs, sizes and fabrics
Build sofas can be customized in a variety of designs, from spacious family couches, armless sofas, sofas with wood trays or wood arms, ottomans, and sofas with or without back cushions. You can also choose from a wide range of fabrics in various colors and textures to suit your taste.


2. A unique and convenient wood arm and tray arm
The most recommended sofas in the BUILD series are those with tray arms or wood arms. The tray arm can be used as a side table or a shelf for storage. It is nice and convenient to have a little side table for coffee or reading time on the sofa. It is also perfect when you want to refresh yourself by working from home in a different location as it is large enough to work on a PC. You can also decorate it with plants and lights to enjoy the interior.

↑Tray Arm

↑Wood Arm

3. Optional back cushions and flat cushions
The cushions are offered in both back and flat versions. The back cushions are composed entirely of feathers. The flat cushions come in sets of two, one 50 cm square and the other 60 cm square, both with no gussets. The back cushions are comfortable and supple to support your back. These can also be utilized as pillows if placed on the arm side, making it more comfortable to use while laying down. Without back chusions, you have greater space on the seat surface.

↑With back cushions

↑With Flat Cushions

 The display is available at the Actus häuse storefront. 

If you have any questions about further product details or interior coordination, please feel free to contact our staff! Or copy the link below to view BUILD Collection.


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