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good eighty%

good eighty%

good eighty%『 So far , So good -いまのところいい感じ- 』

We are pleased to announce that Actus Häuse will sell Good Eighty%, a brand-new initiative & collection, exclusively online. Good Eighty% was born from the idea that even amid constantly changing lifestyles, everyday life can be more enjoyable by embracing fluctuations and adding uniqueness to the 80% margin. We aim to create interiors that allow you to relax, feel free, and be comfortable while sharing the joy of interior design with others in the same era. Our slogan is "So far, so good", with hopes for a future where you can live your way.

With Good Eighty%, we believe in the power of collaboration and inclusivity. This new collection is a collective effort involving creators from the same generation in the planning and design process. Good Eighty% is a project team comprising ten ACTUS staff members from the millennial generation. They were dedicated to using natural materials and minimalist designs that stand the test of time.

Our team's shared belief in the potential for enhanced enjoyment in our current lives has driven us to launch Good Eighty%, and we are committed to creating products that reflect real-life insights from our team members, as well as the concerns and ideals expressed by our peers in surveys and interviews. With Good Eighty%, we aim to bring the charm of living life on our own terms, with a more relaxed and comfortable approach.

You can now view ten products from the Good Eighty% brand on our website. Visit us today via good eighty%

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