The Sofa Edition: How to Choose a Sofa

The Sofa Edition: How to Choose a Sofa

Types of Sofa

Sofas are available in diverse forms. Consider the intended user and purpose when selecting the most suitable shape, taking into account the balance between space and functionality.


Armless: Best for Maximising Space

The seat width is equal to the sofa width, resulting in a seating rate of 100%. Affix the sofa to the wall and employ a cushion to minimise space usage.

FLAD Oak & Fabric Sofa:


Chaise Lounge: Best for Convenience

This configuration is gaining popularity as a sofa choice for individuals residing solo or in spaces beyond the common living room. Its appeal lies in its functionality and convenience.

FLAD Chaise Lounger in Black Leather Cushion:


High Armrest: Best for Reading

A high armrest is optimal for reading as it allows you to rest your elbow, preventing fatigue. The armrest can also act as a backrest for sitting sideways. Sofas with slender arms boast a high seating ratio and are space-efficient.

DUBBEL Oak & Leather Sofa:


Low Armrest: Best for Comfort

Ideal for a comfortable nap with the arm serving as a pillow. If you incorporate a stool and extend your legs, you can utilise it in a manner similar to a couch. This sofa shapes is the most accommodating for different sitting postures.

LAULU Oak & Fabric Couch Sofa: 


Sectional: Best for Versatility

A steady and well-liked sofa design with an extended chaise on one side, allowing for leg stretching and relaxation. The couch area can also be utilized to loosely partition your room.

THYME Fabric Sofa Bench and Corner Sofa with Ottoman Set:


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