The THYME Series combines the best parts of dining and living areas!

Some people may give up on having a living and dining space on their compact floor because of the limited room space. The THYME series offers an "LD style" that combines the functions of a living room and dining room, allowing you to create a relaxing space where you can spend time comfortably even in a compact room. 


1【Relaxation x Eating Space】
Combine a THYME series sofa set, chair, and desk to create a relaxing living and dining space for the family. The THYME Dining Table is available in 75 cm and 65 cm heights, but the 65 cm height type, which is easier for dining, can be selected and combined with the THYME series sofa (seat height 39 cm) to create a spacious area. 

2【If you want to create a sense of harmony in your space
The THYME series is also recommended for those who "want to separate the living room and dining room with same tone furnitures," or "want to use the space more spaciously when inviting guests". By purchasing additional chairs, benches, and sofa parts, you can flexibly adapt to changes in space and number of people. Since a sofa set consists of a bench sofa, a corner sofa, and an ottoman, you may change the combination depending on the atmosphere and space of the room, such as placing the ottoman and corner sofa in the dining space and the bench sofa in the living space.


3【I want a cozy workspace in my living room
THYME sofas have cushions that do not sink in and are slightly firmer than other sofas. By using it with a side table, you can create a workspace in a living room or dining room.

4【No need to worry about stains on the sofa
THYME sofas are of the covering type for easy maintenance. For daily  maintenance, you can use fabric protectors or remove dust from the surface to keep it clean, but if it is heavily soiled, please remove the cover and send it for cleaning according to the laundry label.


Visit Actus häuse showroom to see the display THYME sofa!  For inquiries, please contact us via email or whatsapp below! 


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